Diedhre Smack

"Thank you all!"

Diedhre Smack
Diedhre Smack

I’m not a games athlete. And I don’t have any plans to be one. I Do This to Sweat & Have Fun…
I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 who loves crossfit & lifting. When I joined Sprag I had never heard of a DEXA scan, an REE or even macros. Enters  UMHB sports lab & Dr. Wilborn. Having a dexa scan done is traumatic. I will not even cushion that blow. Be prepared. Pack tissue. Phone a friend. Know that it’s a starting place and  if you follow the program you won’t see those numbers again. Macro-ing is not hard but like any lifestyle change there is a learning curve. Knowing that you have X many grams of protein, fat & carbs to hit daily takes the guesswork out of it. The folks at UMHB are SO knowledgeable but more importantly, they are SO PATIENT!! I tend to ask questions. I track and measure my food in My Fitness Pal as recommended by UMHB. I did it grudgingly at first. Now I look at it like I do Wodify. I don’t know where I am if I’m not tracking. Has it worked? Well I am stronger and my breeches fall off on wall balls. And….wait for it….I GOT A PULLUP!!! Great wod coaching + science based diet = a better you. And who doesn’t want that?!


To finish up I just want to say that I love everyone here at Crossfit Sprag, they have been so supportive of me bettering myself and even more loving with all the hardship I have gone through during my time here.

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