Tug & Martha

"We were out of shape"

Tug & Martha

My wife and I have been crossfitting now for a little over 3 years. After trying several different diets and exercise programs, Martha and her sister found something called Crossfit. I was skeptic about it at first but quickly fell in love with the sport and the community. Having completely different athletic backgrounds, Martha and I began doing the same workouts. Everyday we would finish the WOD on the floor and we were constantly sore. As the weeks went by, WODs became easier and the soreness wasn’t so bad. Also we started becoming a part of this neat little community and what began as a weight loss experiment became a way of life. My sister joined us and my kids became curious with it. When we started Crossfit we were severely out of shape (unless you consider round a shape). Martha struggled moving heavy objects and I struggled to even tie my shoes because my belly got in the way. We had absolutely no idea what a healthy diet was and were not happy with our physical selves.

Today we do physical activity for fun, Martha loves moving weight at the gym, we have learned how to eat healthy, I can tie my shoes with ease, and we are much happier in general. Also, I no longer drink and have completely quit nicotine because both interfere with my ability to Crossfit. My kids are all into athletics and sometimes even try eating mom and dads health food. We have the best group of friends we could ask for and it’s all due to Crossfit. We have also learned that results aren’t just about what numbers you see on a scale. Martha hasn’t changed her numbers on the scale much at all. However she has drastically changed what she sees in the mirror as well as what size clothes she buys. I have lost about thirty pounds and we have both completely changed our body compositions. We even have muscles now!!

Throughout the past 3 years, we have worked out beside people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. We have fought through tough workouts with a 16 year old kid, a 70 year old man, and all kinds of people in between. That’s one of the best things about Crossfit. Everyone does the work but it is scale-able to your level and at SPRAG we have great coaches who will know your capabilities. We have been privileged to witness so many peoples success and look forward to seeing many more. I believe in Crossfit but more than that I believe in our coaches. At SPRAG, our coaches have the knowledge, facility, and desire to help every one of their athletes surpass their goals. For example, my son began working with coach Blaine about 3 years ago to improve his football skills. He began a stiff awkward guy and has completely transformed into an actual athlete. He has gone from a substitute to a starting “A” team athlete and a strong competitor in the middle school line-man challenge and most importantly has improved his self confidence and coordination.

As an athlete, husband, father and brother I could never say enough about the positive effects that the SPRAG coaches and Crossfit have had on mine and my families life. I am so thankful God gave Martha the courage to walk into that box, among all those INTIMIDATING athletes, to that scary looking coach, and signing our butts up!! Good job babe.!! If your wanting to lose
weight, get strong, get healthy, just workout, and/or hang out and meet all kinds of cool people…..Come check us out because at SPRAG…… WE DON’T FLY SOLO!! Thanks Coach Blaine and Adam. Micah… you’re cool too!!

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