Paul Hendricks

"I decided to make a change"

Paul Hendricks

My story is probably not much different than others. I grew up with sports being my focal point. Always staying in shape and ready for the next sport to start. I joined the Army and still had to stay in shape for my PT tests. It wasn’t until I was in my early thirties that I started becoming less active and gaining weight. Megan and I got married and we had our two children and I really gained some weight then. Sympathy weight is real!

Anyway, I decided to make a change. I tried different diets and never stuck with them more than a month. I used to do Crossfit years ago and enjoyed it so I decided to join up and go for it again. When I started in August 2016 I weighed 220 pounds and had about a 40″ waist. As of today almost 5 months later I weigh 189 pounds and have a 35″ waist. Exercise alone didn’t get me there though. I had to change my diet and my portion sizes. Nothing crazy, just not 2-3 servings per meal. One normal serving for lunch and dinner. For breakfast usually about 1/2 cup of oatmeal with honey for sweetener. I also cut out most of the bad carbs and gluten. Stuff like breads and pasta. If you can get past that first week then it gets easier until one day it’s just your normal.

When I started I didn’t have any weight loss goals. I just wanted to get in better shape. In just under 5 months I’ve gone from doing ring pull ups to chest to bars, using a 20″ box for hand stand push-ups to strict hand stand push-ups. My weight lifting has gone up anywhere from 100-150 pounds from where I started. My goal was to make RX workouts by 6 months. I still can’t do all RX movements but I have been able to do most of our RX workouts these last few weeks. Thanks to the coaches and folks at Sprag I’ve worked out with for getting me closer to my goals. Anyone of any body type is capable of doing these WOD’s. It just takes the effort to show up and you have to want to make a change. If you do the folks here at Sprag can help you make it happen.

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