Move Well, Look Good!

For all of you interested in getting in the best shape of your life, but aren’t looking to train in the sport of CrossFit, Burn is for you!

We believe in functional movements which translates to wellness and the ability to use your body outside of the gym. Burn classes are designed to build aerobic capacity and change your body composition. Our coaches walk you through proper form during class to ensure safety and results. Movements include bodyweight and light resistance training utilizing dumbbells and bands.

MyZone heart rate monitors add another level of reaching your goals quickly. Track your performance, and see your effort in real time. Maintain your optimal zone for building aerobic capacity and increasing your lean muscle.

Come join our fitness family as you change your body in a fun environment!

Contact us to try out a free 3-day trial!

Class Schedule:

Monday through Friday – 5am 9:30am 5:30pm

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